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Teach Me

After years of separation and mutual longing, Vanessa Hughes and Emma Bradley are blissfully engaged. Everything about their new life together is wonderful, until Emma learns the children’s sport agency that sent her to Africa has gone bankrupt. Back when she was pining for Vanessa, Emma’s work was a godsend, both for her and for the kids who had nothing else good in their lives. The thought of those children losing that vital support is heartbreaking—but how can she help from so far away?


Vanessa loves how Emma cares for others, but the thought of losing her to Africa again is almost more than she can bear. Despite the insecurities from her past still clinging to her soul, Vanessa can’t sit by and watch the woman she loves suffer, much less the children. So there’s only one thing to do—call on an old friend for help.


Philanthropists Eve and Lainey Sumptor are eager to come to the rescue. With the help of their pooled resources (including an erotic meeting with Mistress), Vanessa and Emma embark on the journey of a lifetime. A journey that will finally heal the last cracks in their wounded souls.


Follow the ladies of Melissa Tereze’s bestselling Mrs. Middleton and Jourdyn Kelly’s critically acclaimed LA Lovers series as they join forces for a wild journey to explore the deeper sides of themselves.

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