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Their first touch is magic. Will the next one pull them in too deep?


Deep breath, Aster. Freelance photographer Aster Bennett reminds herself to stay calm as she meets Eden Kline, the north of England’s most successful event planner.


But one look at Eden’s million-dollar smile and gentle chocolate eyes, and Aster’s enchanted. And giving herself a mental shake. By all accounts, the woman is straight. Besides, what could someone as stunning and accomplished as Eden see in Aster, whose crippling inner critic never shuts up?


Eden has everything under control—except for relationships. She’s never found a man who truly “gets” her. Whatever that means. With Aster there’s an instant connection that Eden can’t quite pin a label on. All she knows is she wants more of this feeling.


With a little help from their friends, Eden and Aster’s professional association warms into genuine friendship. But is taking the next step the right thing to do…or will they find themselves in too deep?

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