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They are made for each other. But can their love survive the ultimate test?

After her white-roses-and-sunflowers wedding, Vanessa is living a dream. Her cold, lonely house finally feels like a home. She has her beautiful Emma to love for the rest of her life, plus a daughter and a grandchild to grow old with. What could go wrong?

Plenty, her persistent insecurities whisper.

Emma’s dedication to teaching keeps her busy, but with Mistress’s guidance after their recent trip to LA, Vanessa quells those once incessant inner voices with plenty of delicious sex. The passion is even hotter, and maybe, if Vanessa delicately pulls a string or two, Emma may never be too far from her again.

Yes, life is—finally—just about perfect.

Then one tiny bump under her fingertips brings all Vanessa’s anxieties roaring to the surface. And as she and Emma navigate perilous emotional waters, Vanessa fears her fate is sealed—and she is destined to lose everything. Including Emma.

Note: Vanessa is the final book in the series that begins with Mrs. Middleton and continues with Teach Me.

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