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The Heat of Summer

With her grandparent’s inheritance in her bank account and a taste for change growing by the day, twenty-six-year-old Summer Hastings boards a flight to Tías, Spain. Women were the last thing on her mind—her desire to focus on creating a life she loves coming before all else. Checking into a boutique hotel was easy…keeping her eyes off the astonishing woman on the balcony wasn’t.

Businesswoman Prue Michaels has spent the last twenty years of her life improving it. Having survived a murky and painful past, she is quite satisfied putting her everything into her career. After all, it is what she does best. Now forty-seven, Prue is growing tired of the same old thing, day in and day out. When a new guest checks into her hotel, everything changes. For the first time in ten years, Prue believes she could be ready to love again.

Both women must navigate life with one another around, but the pull is too hard to deny. Will insecurities cripple their prospects of a life together? Or will love ultimately prevail?

Sexual tension. Sexual experience. Undeniable chemistry.

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