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Breaking Routine

Maybe it’s time for Cait to put her heart at the top of her to-do list.


There goes Harper Grey’s love life, the latest victim of a classic cliché: the office affair.  Now she’s driving through drenching rain, a sad song on the radio, the seat beside her as empty as her new dream house. Without the loving and faithful partner who turned out to be neither.


Still, she’s looking forward to making a fresh start in The Lakes. When she finds the house as cold, drenched, and power-outage dark inside as outside, she makes a tactical retreat to a B&B down the road. And wonders if she’s made a tactical error.


Cait Taylor has poured every ounce of her energy into the guest house she owns with her brother. But lately, everyone seems set on pushing the “town sweetheart” to find a sweetheart of her own. The attraction she feels for Harper goes far beyond mere sympathy for her plight, but it’s clear Harper isn’t ready.


Yet as the two dance around each other, Harper realizes Cait makes her feel the way her ex never did. And she wonders if it’s time to let Cait into her empty heart…and make it home.

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