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New Release

The Call Out Now

Are you a fan of my usual angst and upheaval? If you are, get ready for a whole lot more. The Call is the sequel to my Number One Bestseller, The Arrangement.

If you want more from Sam and Luciana, this final installment is just for you. With more love, passionate sex, and a few tears, The Call is the perfect ending for these ladies.

"Melissa Tereze, you have a gift for writing that few authors possess. Thank you for this one..."

"This second book was as good if not better than book one."

"The epilogue was unexpectedly hilarious and happy - and a satisfying conclusion - but I'd really love to see more books in this series."

"Outstandingly brilliant. You find yourself completely absorbed in the romance of it all..."

Take a look under the book tab to find out more. Go on...what are you waiting for?

#1 Best Sellers

TheArrangement copy.png
eBook THOS.png

The Arrangement

An age gap romance with escorts and broken hearts.

The Heat of Summer

Sun. Sea. Sexual tension.

Forever Yours

A second chance, winter romance of forgiveness and trust.

The sequel to The Arrangement.

A final journey.

The Call

The Call

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